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Pike customised to shorter travel

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By adski - Posted on 07 May 2015

Has anyone tried this or have thoughts on whether it's worthwhile? I'm not talking volume reducer tokens that just change the spring curve, but an actual change in travel length.

I'm riding a 120 revelation RL at the mo and it doesn't have enough chutzpah for my kind of Sydney riding. Opinions welcome

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I had a 150mm 650b Pike lowered to 130mm for my Solo. It was done by Rockshox over east through my local. I had to purchase the internal cartridge thats for a 26" Pike to get it done. Part is about $40. Works a treat from rowdy short travel chargers.

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Cheers Good to hear it's been done

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The higher end Camber Evos come with a 120mm Pike.
Best fork I have used

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