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Aw, snap...

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By Stewbaru - Posted on 18 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just joined mountain biking with my sons, between us we ride three Giants (All sourced via Gumtree)
me - Yukon 2009
Son #1 - 2008 Alias
Son #2 - 2005 STP2

Mucking around in the yard on Saturday and this happened to my Yuk....

I need new forks, and ask for help in selecting.
We are riding mostly the Kalamunda Circuit (climb, descent, repeat), I am 5'11" and a shade under 0.1T.

What should I be looking at, air? Spring? Manitou, Rock Shox, other?
Budget is around $400 landed.

Have a weekend of riding planned for weekend after next so Chainreaction is probably out.,

Whats good locally, Australia Wide?



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Aiiyee carumba! Not that I'm a definitive expert on the subject but I have never seen a fork fail there. Nice one!

As to replacements, try the local Perth mountain bike trading groups on the facebook.

Toras are steel sprung and bomb proof and can be had cheap. Any of the DJ forks would be beefy enough, too. Can't imagine a decent Fox fork wouldn't suit you either.

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Thanks Mate,
I have also been considering upgrading to air shocks, am considering these also.

Did a quick FB search and come up with na-da regards BST groups for MTB in Perth, can you suggest any specifically?

again, TIA.


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+1 for toras and dj forks. especially the tora 318 which is air sprung.

My pick would be a marzocchi bomber. Damn good unit, a bit heavy but really plush and solid as a rock, a very decent upgrade from your old fork which you went at with a jigsaw by the looks of it Sticking out tongue

Make sure you stick to the same amount of travel otherwise you will throw out your geometry and look for a straight 1 1/8 headtube not a tapered headtube.

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Try KMBC Bikes & Parts For Sale Perth WA
and WA mtb sales. Eye-wink

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are what came on my 2011 26" hardtail and they are good enough for me on that bike. Basic, but very robust XC or trail air shock. Not the heaviest or the lightest in its class and perhaps not the most or least sensitive either. Just a good, all around workhorse in my experience.

Worth considering if you can find some that are a few years old. Also worth considering servicing them at a convenient time if you know they've been worked hard. If buying new you might be able to do better than a Recon (eg, a RockShox Reba) for similar money if you hunt hard enough.

FWIW, I am about 105kgs kitted up and prone to the occasional 'oopsie' moment so if the forks weren't any good I'd have replaced them a long time ago. Mine could do with a service, but that an assumption on my part based on service life rather than any signal from the forks.

Mine are 100mm travel with a 9mm QR and 1&1/8th straight steerer. I believe they were and still are available with 80mm up to 120mm travel and with a 15mm axle option for the lowers. The Recon's are a single air chamber fork, which is easy to set up and if in good condition should hold air pressure indefinitely. Some models have a remote lockout.

While you can't do anything about the head tube on your bike and therefore, can't benefit from a tapered steerer and the larger range of current model forks that will allow, you can at least think about the axle size if your current front wheel (hub more specifically) will allow the use of adapters. For larger riders such as myself, a 9mm QR axle is a bit flimsy and the flex is noticeable when turning with a heavily loaded front wheel. A 15mm axle would reduce the flex. In fact, I'd suggest it would be worth investing in a new front wheel to take advantage of a larger axle.

Hope this helps.

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I am not trying to be rude or a smart arse, but in my opinion it would be a waste of money to throw $400 at a bike that sells new for less than $1000. I would suggest you consider saving a couple of more dollars and buy a much better second hand bike in the $1000 region. This way you will end up with a lighter bike, better running gear, much better suspension, better/lighter wheels and maybe even rear suspension. My 2 cents worth Smiling

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It's a fair point, you can get a LOT of second hand 26" hardtail for your money these days.

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I am with Melonhead on this one, better to get another second hand bike with better parts

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Yup I'd cry if I spent $400 and still ended up with a quick release front wheel.

Second hand fork with a 15mm or 20mm axle and a cheap maching second hand wheel, that way you can swap them to a better frame if you want to.

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Sorry, I am newer to this than I thought, QR isn't favored over traditional fasteners?

On a side note, having spent near a grand on the above treddlies, my missus is not keen on me dropping another G on a replacement I suspect new/replacement forks are the go...

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Jump on those Toras. $70 you can't go long as the steerer is the right length. Eye-wink

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15mm through axle is the industry standard now. Is like a long 15mm diameter bolt for your axle that screws into your fork leg, instead of the 9mm axle you have that is only stopped from falling out of the bike by friction. 15mm axle means much better front end tracking, rigidity and steering precision. Given your financial situation I would be looking for a set of second hand forks or a complete second hand bike in your allowed budget. The Yukon is not designed to be ridden as a proper MTB. It is aimed more at a person who wants to ride on the bike path with their kids, and occasionally travel a dirt road. I would still be very reluctant to spend any serious money on the Yukon if proper MTB riding is on your agenda. Good luck mate.

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Thanks for your comments guys, definitely food for thought.
Am looking at the Toto's very soon, and may well offload the Yuk in favour of a more specific bike as suggested.

Again, thanks.

See you on the trails.

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Sussed the Toras out tonight, thanks P for dropping over....

Unfortunately, the steerer post was too short, so still looking.

Need to make a call by tomorrow else will be buying from CRC to get them by next weekend....

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Dunno if you are still looking but I have a 32 Fox Talas RLC that might fit. 220mm straight steerer. A little worn on on stanchion but works perfectly $150

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LT, may be interested.
In looking at the Toras last night, I need forks at least 220mm in the steerer, at the Toras 190mm, I could not fully engage the bar clamp.

What length do you have on the steerer tube, and whereabouts are you, please?


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Steerer is 220mm.

I'm in belrose, but leaving tonight for the UK for 10 days.

If you have FB you might be able to see a picture of them here:-

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I have FB, but can;t see the image.

Is the axle 9mm QR or 15mm through, as I have the former.

Where is Belrose?


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They are 9mm QR

In FB, if you search for "NSW MTB Trading Post" you will lots if things for sale. In that FB group, do a search for "garage cleanout", you should see some pictures of stuff neatly arranged under a palm tree. The forks are in there somewhere.

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I may need to pass on the forks, but would be interested in the upper LH (serrated) pair of pedals, if they are Shimano SPD clips?


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yeah those pedals are still there and are SPD. If you are interested, best continue on the FB page...

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No luck on forums/FB/Gumtree so have bitten the bullet and opted for the Rock Shox XC32 TK Solo Air shocks from TBE in Belmont, and they'll be fitting them too....

Can't be happier than that. Hanging for Tuesday now.

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