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If you build it, they will come.

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By hank - Posted on 18 May 2015

If you build it, they will come.

'Mountain bike tourism' helps drive economic turnaround in Tasmania's north east

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Who'd have thought? People with bikes are adventurous and have cash to spend on travel.

Durh! Eye-wink

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I was at the race there this weekend, and I can tell you that the trails are really 1st class.
Its 90mins from Launceston, and its the most beautiful drive through Scotsdale and out to Derby.

Well worth a trip.

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Its not that level - yet.
At the moment its much more XC focused than 'trail' and you could happily ride most of it on an XC hardtail.

That being said, I didnt ride every trail on offer - there were many arrows and signposts - so I cant comment 100%. There might have been more technical stuff on offer, but we didnt use it.
The trails are super fun and flowy.

I know there are plans for a more aggressive trail to be built soon, perhaps with a shuttle bus to the top - but at this stage, its a good venue to go to for 2 days of solid XC style riding - with a fair amount of climbing and descending.

Because its a Glen Jacobs / World Trail build - it feels very similar to some of his other stuff. If you have ridden Epic at Mnt Buller you will certainly get the gist of what Derby has to offer. Big berms, lots of twists and turns - making the most of every contour line, and a few rock roll-overs with some off-camber cornering too (just keep things exciting!).

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