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making my way to the snowies

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By bikemad - Posted on 01 June 2015

So in the last week ive ridden coondoo(south nowra)Tilba to mystery bay,Tathra,East Jindy,cracken back and yesterday (sunday)Majura pines.The trails at majura are sensational,a real mix of flowing, fast and plenty of little kickers and berms and techy bits to keep everyone happy.The downhill tracks,Larry and Rocklobster are a blast,both ridable at most levels(my missus did a bloody quick run down rock lobster on a 100mm full susser and was grinning like an idiot at the bottom)-the faster you go,the hairier they get.Ive got to say we are pretty bloody lucky with the choices we have,and its only going to get better.I had a good long chat with Paul Gardner of rolling ground jindabyne yesterday arvo.he built most of majura,bungarra and the thredbo/crackenback trail and there are some exciting things happening in the region in the next few years.The parks down here seem to be on board and its in the pipeline for the thredbo trail to run all the way to the lake in the next few years!lots of other stuff going on as well,im relocating to jindy permanently so am planning on getting involved in some capacity in trail building after the snow season.
I will be riding Stromlo next week and am also going to explore some trails ive just been told about in Cooma....If the trails i ride in cooma are any good i will post up a description and hopefully some pics

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I was also at majura yesterday. That downhill section was bloody awesome, just that climb up is a tricky one. all the xc stuff around the other side is brilliant as well, so many little trail features and surprises to keep you on your toes!

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