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Where to go this weeked

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By gadzooks - Posted on 05 June 2015

Have ridden Wingello before and am going to be down in the area again this weekend. Was thinking of maybe trying another spot, or is Wingello the best place to go to get some km under the belt. Not looking for anything too technical.
The other benefit on Wingello is I'll be with the wife and kids who'll also be riding. They can do there own riding whilst I am off. Are the other places like this too?

Any advice appreciated.

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drive another hour and you have canberra...
kowen is not technical and have kilometers of trails
stromlo is there as well, they have a crit track and plenty of options.

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The extra 1hr drive to Kowen didn't pass the wife test. Ended up spending a couple of hours at Welby instead. A little muddy in places, but some flowy riding nevertheless.

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