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Dakari Trail

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By Noel - Posted on 15 May 2008

Easy Fire Trail. A useful link.

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See right at the top of this map - the trail is marked to carry on to the North, can one ride further and join Timbarra Rd? Think this needs a look.

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You hit a NP's sign, that is where we turned and came back. I guess you could carry it. I think we may have been carrying once we go that far North. I was saying to Pete "Carry a bit further, ya never know" then the sign jumped out and Ranger Stacey was there in leather holding a whip. She looked at me seductively and said it was just fire trail. I told her I had been naughty.. and.. oh wrong forum!

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nice trail...but can be very wet! did that loop a few weeks back
some good hills..I took the earlier right up to Warimoo Ave..but had fun..before a stint down to Bobbin Head on the road!


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