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Best trails when short of time ..

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By jvesely - Posted on 14 June 2015


Let me start by introducing myself, I am Jan from The Netherlands. I will visit Australia for a very short time this July. I will stay in the Hyams Beach area.

I would love play around in the area (either MTB or trail running) but due to my limited time, I would appreciate if you could give me some tips. I looked at the detailed map of the area and Jerrawangala national park (with Tianjara Falls ) look really nice. Bur perhaps you know some places which are more spectacular or simply beautiful?

Thanks a lot,

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For mountain bike trails there is some good stuff just a little north at Nowra

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Three great tracks but they're south of Nowra, closer to Hyams beach.

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There is a bike shop in Ulladulla that can steer you in the right direction ,but like others have said I know of 3 tracks in the Nora one is close by the other 2 are 10-15 minutes from industrial area by memory .

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Thanks again for all your tips, much appreciated!

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There are trails at Comberton, which is near where you are staying. Contact the South Coast United Mountain Bikers (SCUM) and they should be able to help you out. Here's a link to their web site:

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Thank you!

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