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Whistler Bike Park Opened Yesterday!

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By Rob - Posted on 18 May 2008

Wow, I just read this:

...which is pretty incredible given that the average snow depth is still more than 35 inches on the mountain.

... turns out the trails at Whistler are being cleared using machines and snow shovels - hard work no doubt, especially on the steeper pitches. I’m guessing the trails will stay pretty soggy through the next few months as the piles of snow melt but hey - they’re biking in May!

Must be pretty chilly mind... brrrrrrr. Although would there be anything finer then skiing in the morning and riding in the afternoon? Laughing out loud

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Rob, I lived in Squamish (25 mins south of Whistler) for a bit over a year not that long ago. Squamish is at a slightly lower elevation and so for 4 months of the year we would MTB on Saturday on some of the finest single track, and then Sunday ski on a 3 metre base just up the road. Hhhmm, they were the days.

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Hi Folks,

testing out the wild trails in Golden BC on some nice carbon...!. just have to sing out loud to avoid running into black bears.

off to whistler tomorrow after the mudslide is cleared off the main highway.



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It's not the black bears you need to worry about Pete, it's the cougars. Ran into plenty of black bears in my time in Squamish and generally they'll run in the opposite direction (generally that is). But cougars on the other hand will stalk you and break your neck before you even know what hit you. Anyways, wish I was back there riding the trails (no sand to destroy your drive train over there, and no closed trails). I recommend stopping off at Squamish on your way to Whistler and riding the Plunge or Pseudo Psuga. Local bike shops (Tantalus or Corsa Cycles) will point you in the right direction. Their maps are awesome. In fact if you are going to be in the area around June 14, I would recommend trying to get your hands on an elusive entry into the Test of Metal (challenging but fun 70 km race in the coastal mountains around Squamish).

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