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NPWS Map of Bantry Bay Trails with Planned Closures

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By azsthj - Posted on 25 June 2015

Looking at the Garigal National Park website it states that closures are planned for unauthorised tracks and notes 2 tracks being (1) Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park and (2) Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track. See

It also includes a map which shows tracks due to be closed (See below). It appears to me that the Austrian Enduro track and the Waterfall Track (The very steep track straight down the hill from the end of Penrose Place to Currie Road) are “proposed new MTB tracks”. I assume this means we can still ride these tracks?

Also, is it possible to have a permanent link in the Nobmob Bantry Bay section to the above NPWS site that updates when there are closures or maybe a link that can be clicked on to open that webpage? Maybe a similar link the the Warringah Council site in the Manly Dam section.

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Our trails DB is like a Wiki. Any registered user can edit it to add or amend info as appropriate.

Many thanks Smiling

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Thanks for that! I would have thought that Natural Bridge Track is off limits anyway?! Would be very nice though to have Austrian Enduro legalized being the connecting trail of Gahnia and Serrata.

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