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Trail Question, looking for this cool track

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By GeoffR - Posted on 01 July 2015

Hey just wondering if anyone can help here, I've seen this cool video on you tube for a northern beach track. I cannot recognize it, is anyone able to help pin point the location or name the track ?

thanks Geoff

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The last scene is at Warriewood beach and I can assure you there is no hills/tracks that are that long that come out at that end of the beach. There is a small walking trail from Turimetta headland to that location but its 300m max.

The forest doesn't look very "Northern Beaches" either - bit to lush, a few too many tree ferns as well - but it may be local.

My guess is that its a well edited clip from a trail from somewhere else.


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cheers CC. I couldn't think of any area that looked that lush either and was thinking the same, a well edited clip

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most of that trail is the xxxxxxx

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Considering the spate of trail closures lately probably best trails names and locations are not splashed over public forums

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not a bad point Flynny, I'm always open for a PM if anyone does know

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PM me if you want to know where it is

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I bet you would never have guessed that one of those bikes is a 120 mm travel Mondraker Factor RR, pretty capable to take on a DH track ....

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Pretty please could I get a PM on where the tracks is?

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after cryptic replies, the help of a kind direct PM, strava searching and comparing youtube vids. I've figured it out, thanks everyone

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I'm not sure where the trails are, but that combi is definitely heading south on the HB!

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Walking up is blowing out the track in places and widening it.

Please be considerate of residents and do not pick up at the park at the bottom. Ride out into the main street.

Please give people plenty of warning when slowing down to pull off for shuttle drop off. While you are there pick up the roadside rubbish so we dont get blamed.

Be prepared for occasional horses on the track. Stop, take off your helmet and only make slow deliberate movements and let them pass.

In the mid section with tight flowing turns it crosses a walking track. Be aware. This is also where you are most likely to meet horses.

An environmental study and trail audit has been completed to allow most of this track to become official. We are waiting on Department of Planning to sort out ownership at the top and RMS and Council to put in a shuttle drop off point.

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