The Mistress

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By alakebro - Posted on 02 July 2015

I was out riding "Daisy Dukes" yesterday and at the last corner where the track turns off to the reserve behind the houses of Penrose Pl and there was a new trail "The Mistress" a descending track. It was really good with nice corners and still not quite worn back ending up back at the bottom of "Daisy Dukes". Does anybody know when this trail was made. It is a nice track if you can you should ride it.
Have fun Smiling

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My mate has reliable info that this is to replace Austrian Enduro.
Also, it's a fairly new track.
I'm going to check it out tomorrow around lunch time.

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It has been built over the last few months and is to replace Austrian Enduro.

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I take it its open to ride already?

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Yep, rode it today. It's a short track, really good fun.

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Nice work trail fairies !

A great addition to link our trails and compliments Daisy Duke nicely.


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Congrats on the huge amount of work put into building this trail. Not only a very useful connecting track but awesome fun in its own right. I've only ridden it a few times but I think it's my favourite section in Bantry.

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