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YT Capra

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By M.Jackson - Posted on 04 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking to tap into some collective wisdom, I am in the market for a new bike, was looking in the 140-150mm travel range with the new stumpjumper on top of the list. That is until i came across the YT Capra which just looks like soooo much bike for your money, but have a few questions.

Most of my riding is done around the Kalamunda trails, a lot of time spent on gungin, scorpion ect, is this bike way more than is needed to hit everything there?

Has anyone ridden one? all the reviews rave about how it climbs, does this just mean that it climbs better than expected for a 170mm travel bike or does it mean that it is so good it would keep up with most 150mm bikes?

Thanks in advance


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Ive got the Capra AL1. Ordered in March, took delivery in July. Would have gone for the Carbon Rockshox version (Comp1??) but the wait was too long. Overall very stoked with the AL1.

I ride the same trails as you and I don't think it's too much bike for what we ride. Compared to my 120mm 29er, theres no discernible difference in effort around the KC. It is SO much more fun that my 29er. whippy and poppy, you feel like you're the driver rather than the passenger. But the best part is that I left my mates behind on judders first ride, and we're all just as capable as each other on the downs.

It doesn't climb as well as my 29er, but thats not because of the increased travel or head angle, its because of the smaller wheels.

It climbs better than expected for sure, and I have not experienced front end wandering in places that my 29er didn't.

Only problem is that everyone wants to test it out...

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Thanks for the advice,

It is fast moving towards the top of my list, however availability is a bit of a problem. If it can climb anywhere near as well as a 120mm 29er it is probably going to be at least a match for what I am on at the moment for the climbs (it is just so hard to believe from a bike with so much travel!)

anyone else ridden one?

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Hi there. I have recently spent quite a bit of time on a Capra pro. I purchased this while in the UK and will be moving back to Newcaslte in a few months.

My impressions are:
Value- Can't go past one. The spec you get is second to almost none.

Climbing - Seated is very good. I have both a Nomad 1 and a Blur LTc. Seated climbing the Capra is significantly better than the Nomad 1, and basically on par with the Blur LT. Out of the saddle there is a bit of pedal bob, mostly in the front end from the 170mm fork. Rear traction hasn't been a problem and I have always managed to keep the front end under control without anything like the vagueness I was expecting. I don't think it will climb as well as a 120mm 29" bike. I expect it would be closer than it should be given its style, but it won't be as efficient.

Decending - amazing. Very plush and fast. I have found that the faster I push this bike the faster it wants to go. To get the most out of this bike the desire for speed and technical riding is key. There are two parts to this.

(I don't want to sound conceited when I say this) The first part is ensuring you have the trails to justify a bike that has 170mm travel and wants to go this fast. I am not familiar with your local trails, but if the loops you ride are the local XC circuit, then this bike will be overkill.

Secondly you need to be able to ride technical trials like this with a high skill level. This bike is very rewarding if you really are interested in challenging yourself to go as fast as you can and you seek out the technical lines in your local trails. If you are more of a casual all mountain rider then I think a bike which is a little less aggressive is a better choice. But, if you like to take on the local DH trails, you want a bike to take to NZ, or the Alps, all-the-while ripping it up around your local trails, then the Capra is a great choice.

The other way you can think about it is to buy one for the components. If you don't like the frame/fork, then you can sell these and use the money to buy another frame down the track. I think a Capra frame would sell easily and you wouldn't be that far behind if you wanted to change tact and get another bike built up around these components.

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150mm front and rear(Add Cane Creek DB CS for 200 bucks)...can be ridden up easily think a 30t front 1 X 11 speed (10/42 rear). It can take big(ish) hits.

I was looking into the Capra until a few weeks ago..they never got back to me with all the details I needed (sad, but true)
Others may have had a better experience with them??

I don't think you will need 170mm to ride KC. And you will probably HATE pedalling the Nomad/Capra type bikes up hills.
If you are solely shuttling/bombing down Lancaster etc etc, then go for it.

I just about purchased the Nomad CC a few weeks ago,but was talked out of it by the LBS guy. He said "if you do 50% uphill pedalling, you shouldn't buy a Downhill/gravity oriented bike.

To clarify, I also rode the 2015 Nomad C at Whistler bike park about 3 weeks ago-an absolutely brilliant bike...but not suited to WA unless you are a "downhill guru"

The YT Capra is a downhill style bike in Enduro/Trail guise I think.

Just my opinion, but it was seconded by a guy at the LBS who didn't have the Bronson in his showroom-I ended up buying it at another store. He could have easily tried to sell me the nomad, but with my requirements, he opted to be extremely truthful (sometimes a rare trait nowadays)

Good luck!


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