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A race in reverse

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By obmal - Posted on 09 August 2015

Re: This ride meeting: 
Convict 100 2015

My intention was always to enter for the original date but work schedule has been nuts of late so I only got my entry in a week or so ago.

The crowd was well down on previous years and the event centre buzz was not the same, I really hope it was the reschedule that caused this and not the start of this race’s slip from popularity.

Coming off a stretch of work trips mixed with sporadic long and slow road rides to try to keep some fitness and work off the pork buns, craft pales ales and other bad food choices one tends to make while travelling hasn’t really done wonders for my fitness, but here I was lining up on a rather cool Saturday for my 7th Dirtworks/Convict.

Off with the first wave this year, no mad scramble to make it into the start group like normal though as it seemed that there was room for everyone this year, the race being run in reverse had us crossing the sandy creek so that we could wash the dust off our shoes and then it was off to climb Jacks (much better than the first hill going the other way), I’d never done this part in reverse before so it was a little nostalgic to be bombing down the parts that I can remember struggling up each May for so many years gone by.

In very short time we are at the bridge, very wide this year (you could nearly drive a car over it) although it looked like it was beginning to fall apart at the end?

Got hit by two snot rockets from the guy in front of me in the bunch the road run into the crossing, (there’s whole other story right there).. But I would like to say if you are reading this Mr Snot Rocketer.. I am truly sorry for my general handling of this (I think I told you to get %^#ed) situation and it was out of character and I hope that you went on had a great race.

Shepards in reverse was easier (they have graded most of it) by now my solid two weeks off any bike and over indulgence in Thai food had me wondering why the heavy legs? Good news the cardio was still good (just the legs had nothing) so there was a lot of chatting while climbing this year, stopped to help someone with a puncture and soon had made it to the 1/2 way food stop in good shape, although the hardtail that I was riding was really starting to win the fight.

Helped a couple riders out with punctures and a crash, crash dude was shaken but eventually agreed that he was good to roll. (very uncool.. the rider that pushed his was though while we tried to get him up off the track).

At one stage I was thinking that I was a chance of sub 5 hours, but then the hardtail rallied and beat me up bad and won the fight, I was struggling with the technical sections and I was very happy to hit the fire trail section with about 30K’s to go, but to be fair I think that this was perhaps my 2nd or 3rd MTB ride in the last 6 months and I was clearly lacking the core strength required to handle this bike up and down the technical sections.

The last 30K’s reverse section here seemed harder than running the race the normal way, hills just kept coming, no cramps this year though (wasn’t fit enough to push hard enough to get them?).

The road ride into town was fast (towed along by a mate) and then its beer time.. 5:27ish, slower than I should be, but I’m happy with that.

Overall another great event run and while a smaller attendance, it still had hints of the character that made this one of the best MTB enduro events around.

I like to thank Mr Max Adventure again for arranging this race and for organising the stunning blue sky day and beer in the sun while clapping and cheering riders crossing the finish line.. Thanks Max!

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I with in the same group coming into the canoe bridge but was a the front and wondered what had happened on hearing exchanges. I wouldn't have been happy either. Well done on the ride.

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Good ride @obmal

The bridge held together. Problem was the tide went out during the day so where the boards touched nose to tail we got some lifting especially when you first got on the bridge. With the sun coming from the exit side of the bridge it was casting shadows that made it look worse. On a couple of occasions I stopped riders, ran onto the bridge to fix it only to find the planks hadn't separated just lifted a bit and the shadow made it look like it had opened up...

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classic call Smiling I'm sure a few people with rock hard legs can relate

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