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Replacing headset

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By staffe - Posted on 16 August 2015

My headset (i.e the bearings in the steering tube) needs replacing. Is this a job requiring special tools like a press etc or is it a DIY job?

The frame is a Trek Superfly FS 2014 model.

Secondly if it can be done as a DIY job, how do I know what bearing dimensions to get? In the past I tried to be clever and bought online for another bike just find out it did not fit and will try to avoid that mistake again.

Any advise most welcome.


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you need a headset cup remover, relevant to your cup size and a headset press
i hve a 11/8 headset remover and a headset press, but i'm in Perth...
Probably a bit far to borrow tools

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Do the cups need replacing? If not, it should be a case of just taking out the old bearing units and replacing.

The old bearings should have some markings on saying their dimensions.

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Try this

You haven't provided enough info of the bike for someone to search, but either way you need to understand yourself what you have.

You may need tools, you may not, it depends on the exact type of headset top and bottom

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Might be a job for "The Bicycle Repairman" to quote an old monty python skit.

Many Thanks

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