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Mowbray Park Farm Tracks

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By MrSarcastic - Posted on 27 September 2015

I'm looking at heading down to the Rockytrail event at Mowbray Park next weekend and was just wandering what the trails are like there. Are they hilly/flat, technical, open/tight and twisty, rough/smooth etc.

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its mainly grass, fast open, non technical. Quite pedally. No real technical features except for the ramps over the farm fences. There are 2 spots on the creek crossing where a little caution is need 1st time thru. I did a a ride out there 2 weeks ago. The trail got built a few years ago but there were issues with insurance / liabilty etc so it didnt get much traffic, not open to general public etc. Up until the last few weeks the trail has gone pretty much unused for around 12 months & has grassed over.

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Ok, thanks

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I'm planning on the same thing.

Doing an early departure Sat morning. Dr Google says it'll take 1:30 to get there from northern beaches, is it hard to find or well sign posted?

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Anyone got an elevation profile for this track? Understand there's no mountains, but it's pretty hilly out there from memory. Haven't been through that way for years.

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I rode the track in Jan 14, just before it was officially opened. If it hasn't changed since then it's mainly open farmland with rolling hills, total elevation gain over 9km was 177m according to Garmin.

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It's pretty easy to get to but depending on where you are on the beaches it may take a bit longer than 1.30. I'm planning on that travel time from Willoughby.

The easiest way to get there is to take the freeway to the Camden exit, then Narellan road to the Camden Bypass. Take the bypass and keep going over Razorback and into Picton. Turn right just after the George IV and follow that road. The track is on the left at the top of a steep hill.

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