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Boring training alone

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By Valoboy - Posted on 30 September 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi everyone, i'm fairly new to MTB but come from a triathlon and road racing background.
I guess i'm looking for people to train with occassionly as i work shifts and i'm on a difficult shift pattern. I ride between 80-220kms a week mostly road and always on my MTB, i've decided i would be tackling port to port in 2016 and now i'm doing some more dirt and trying to get some technical skill in the bush, i live in Lake Macquarie and keen to ride so PM me if your looking to go for a ride and you don't mind someone new tagging along.

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Hey Valoboy, welcome to MTB and all the best with Port to Port training. I also do most of my training alone and am fine with that - it's my time of solitude - but enjoy riding with others. I'm hoping to do a ride at some point starting at Awaba (with a couple of laps of the ST) then up to the Heaton gap and south towards Ourimbah via Watagan Forest Road and some laps of that ST. Shoot me a pm if you're keen to join me at some point.


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How long is that ride that you mentioned? I've never thought of doing that! Sounds great

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It's not a short day in the saddle. If you get the train to Dora Ck and ride up Mt Faulk Rd, and just follow WFR back down to Alison, it's 75km. Adding in a lap of each ST, it almost adds up to a century before going back to Wyong. So a great marathon ride!

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Yes that is a day out for sure, sounds good though and at some point that will be a definite ride for me. I also like riding on my own when i am training because i can get what i want done but it would be nice to train with some other people to gauge where my fitness is at the moment, no races yet either so that is next on the agenda, any suggestions?

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I'm doing a ride up the GNR early on Monday. Start at Wiseman's Ferry, follow it all the way till the road the turn left and follow the road back via The Settlers pub. About a 90km ride. Let me know if you're kee, it'll be an early start to beat the heat and I've got something on in the arvo.

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Sounds good but i'm working, geez i hate shiftwork.

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It's a classic of NSW MTB, you can enter the 58km, 115km, 165km or the new 25km event, located in the Southern Highlands in 4 weeks. Lots of nobmobbers enter, and definitely worth the trip down regardless of your skill level.

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Yes this may happen trying to make it down for the fling, i rode Glenrock today and i really need to get my technical skills a lot better and also find some more power out of these old legs.

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