Bare Creek

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By hank - Posted on 03 October 2015

Is there any update on how the plans for construction of Bare Creek are coming along?

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It isn't. It is dead as an MTB site. The bike club/BCBP consortium's EOI for running the site as a mtb facility was refused. They didn't believe we had the organisational strength to handle it. We really needed Council to be involved.

This is exactly as I expected it would be the moment Mike Regan finished his turd polishing speech and his majority bloc in Council voted to have nothing to do with the site.

The guys gave it their best shot.

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This is so disappointing, particularly with the amount of time and energy put in by so many local biking folk.

With precisely zero km of new mountain bike trails committed to by Warringah Council in their new open space strategy,
(even the Serrata link trail - The Mistress - is only proposed, despite them knowing about it for years)

I think Mayor Regan should be hearing more from us about this. $4.5 million was up for grabs to build a new facility and council chooses not to take it up despite their own research showing mountain biking being the fastest growing local activity. However as ever there seems endless money available to renovate yet another under used sea pool.

Why not drop him a line.

Michael Regan
Mayor of Warringah
+61 2 9942 2422

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Council supports unauthorised trail building
And by closing existing trails they support the unauthorised riding of them

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