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Rocky Trail Shimano GP Rd 6 4Hr

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By Lach - Posted on 04 October 2015

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First race as an over 60 competitor and first podium!

Pity there were no other old bastards willing to tackle the hills and heat out at Mowbray Park, as first in a field of 1 does not mean much other than a free 6-pack of sponsors beer. Smiling - not sure who to thank, as I got 6 Peroni in a Bakalar Beer package!

Nice track - the first two thirds are quite fun, but the double climb up to transition gradually sapped the legs to the point where I was getting cramp tinges on the last climb and elected not to squeeze out another lap. It's a great track for this sort of racing as passing is a relative breeze, and as I'm primarily a pass-ee, it's nice not to have to break line or rhythm too much to let the faster guys through.

Worked hard on the last bit of the climb up from the dam to catch and pass a guy who I thought was also in the over 60's. Turned out he was, but was doing the 7 hr. And was probably a lap or two down anyway. Seems funny in retrospect, as we could have both sat down after 1 lap and still scored the beers....

Good way to finish off a couple of hard weeks of training towards the Fling. Time for a bit more resting this week.

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