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Fit in 6 minutes?

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By hawkeye - Posted on 11 October 2015

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So there has been all sorts written on Tabata training. Its worth reading all the research.
If you CBF then I can summarise it and say that yes, it works very well to get you fit quickly. Its also an excellent way of keeping fit if you travel with work or are really time poor on certain days of the week. It hurts so badly.

The research however suggests that after about a 6-8 week period, the fitness gains plateau. Ultimately they will then drop as your interest will wane.

Nonetheless, I am a big fan in going as hard as you can. People so rarely do 'maximal' efforts and they are lung-openers for sure!

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Saw the show but going to wait until the 5 min version comes out because that will be better - 6 mins BLAH

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Fitness by definition is the ability to do a specific task.
General fitness is an oxymoron and is really just health.

short intervals and maximal efforts will keep you at a certain health and are a good inclusion to any fitness program but on their own wont let you win the iron man world champs

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I try and do this once a week and have found that I'm now better on the short sharp climbs than my mate who kicks me on the road bike, only my two pennies but I think it's well worth the pain.

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