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Appin in Google Earth

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By Rob - Posted on 30 May 2008

From our Appin interactive map.

Also see Appin ride details.

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This looks pretty close to the Cataract Dam. Does this area not fall into the SCA's restricted zone Rob?

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Funny you mention this. Given all the recent talk and that dam I had a look, South is in their restricted zone (soon to change hopefully!) but north + west is in a 'special' area with no restrictions at present.

If you look South there's a large quarry of some kind. Will post the KMZ soon-ish I hope.

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Cataract Dam (and the surrounding Schedule 1 land) is the other side of Appin Road.

A large portion of the land belongs to the Dharawal people

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like a long 9 km track or is it a longer part that I haven't ridden yet ?

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Nah - that is the lap used for the WWS in '08 I think. It's somewhere between 9-10km.

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