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Another good Fling...

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By Lach - Posted on 08 November 2015

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Highland Fling 2015
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Half - Men

Weather was not real auspicious on the drive down on Saturday arvo and it continued misty / drizzly into the night. I never sleep well under canvas when it's wet, so woke up well before the bagpipes and feeling like I could do with a few more hours.

Did a decent warm up but still felt a bit flat, so headed off at the back of the first wave and eased my way into the race. Got to transition in a pretty good time (despite the mud before New Early Bath), but I knew that the first stage was a bit shorter than last year, so didn't get too excited, just put my head down and hit the road out of Wingello as hard as I could.

Had a pretty good second "half", but got baulked a few times by riders stopping on techie bits of the single track in the back end of the race, which made those sections a bit slower than they needed to be. Admittedly, the mud and wet roots made some bits a bit techier than usual. Had a tumble on Jim's Joke (I think) as a result of one bloke stopping in front of me and me misplacing my dab.

Still can't make it up a few of the pinches in Roller Coaster, but I was not on my own in that regard. Took the long way at your choice and worked hard in a train on the way up, before letting the big ring loose on the road sections back to town. Didn't stop for a free beer just near the finish.

Best time ever for the Half Fling (yes, I know it was shorter!). Exact same position in Super Masters as last year, in a smaller field. Improved over 50 places in the overall.

If it hadn't been for the Maverick Series rules determining the cut-off for age group dates, I'd have cracked the podium in Grand Masters!!. Oh well, will have to give it another crack next year and hope there aren't too many others coming up from Super Masters......

Cameras looked to be in some interesting positions this year. Marathon Photos invariably produce some great shots, so looking forward to seeing them shortly.

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Beating your PB on a wet & muddy in parts track is a pretty good effort. Well done!

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I almost ran over one bloke - not sure if I came in too hot or not, but if anyone needed to bail out on the corner he was set up on, they were going over the top of him.

From what I could see overall entrants in the Half were down 123 on last year. I wonder how many people opted for the Some Fling instead of the Half?

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... seems to be the answer to declining numbers in traditional XCM. Hence the "SomeFling" and the Bundy Run to try to expand the base numbers.

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Well done on another successful race Lach.

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