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wtf? thats some fugly linkage system back on the radar!

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By Alex - Posted on 06 June 2008

wow uglier than a cannondale Eye-wink but apparently quite functional!

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Now thats thinking outside the box!!

Would love to see it in action!

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Actually Alex I did some research on that system and it looks like Trek will be angry as they stole the concept from them.
Its Treks 2010 DH design called the SHREK fugly 101
c dale ha you guys are kidding bash away your all just jealous

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That must be a joke surely, I've read a few threads on framebuilding with contributions from the likes of frank the welder, and from what little I've picked up I'd think that frame would flex like a plastic bag Eye-wink try and pedal and your foot might just end up on the other side of the front wheel...

For an example of a great looking original frame build that turned out to have this terminal flaw have a look at this thread in observed trials:, it is 13 pages long but it's like a good book, you get hooked and there's a punchline at the end, and then there's a sequel too! Good for a rainy day.


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Surely a joke...must have been conjured up after a long weekend of Acid or something mind altering.

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