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Buller Accom

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By staffe - Posted on 05 January 2016

Planning a Mt Buller excursion with the fam + friends to Mt Buller over Easter. Some initial googling to find places to stay points me to a place called Mansfield but it is 35ks from Buller but that seems excessively far away. Are there better options?

Looking for something reasonably civilised that has a roof, walls and some form of device to keep the beers cold.

Would appreciate advise from Buller riders who knows the area.

Also climate, been to Thredbo in December and that was colder than what I thought, is end of March "safe" or is it getting a bit late in the season?


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I wouldnt stay in Mansfield - its way too far away to be practical / enjoyable. Try and stay in Buller.

The two main options are the Arlberg Hotel (only place with an open bar too!!) - I stayed in a room which had its own kitchenette, and queen and a bunk bed last year for what seemed like not too much money. Cant remember exactly though.

There is also another group of places called 'Andys Fat Tyre lodges'

Andys are the more budget option but still perfectly good and clean. Might be bunkbeds in some of them.

Staying at the top means you can ride all day (most of the trails are at the top and head downwards (obviously) then you can get the shuttle up the mtn at the end of the day from the coffee shop at the bottom. Or ride up if you fancy a long - although very beautiful spin up the hill....

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Ski lib.Friendly hosts,new bathrooms and showers.Self catering but there is also an on site chef if your not keen on cooking

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Just got home last night from buller and can't recommend Skilib enough. I spent a few days down there, Matt and Jackie are the most wonderfull and accomodating hosts and the place is perfectly set up for a biking adventure. Enjoy the trails till legs are jelly then enjoy the relaxing atmosphere swapping stories with the other like minded guests or just grab a bike mag and a lounge. There's always someone around to ride with too if your thinking of a solo trip. Great value, get down there! ..oh yeah, don't forget to let matt cook for you at least a couple of meals, so worth it.

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