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Withdrawn: 120mm 29er fork.

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By The Brown Hornet - Posted on 18 January 2016

Note that this is "Withdrawn" so is here for archive purposes only.


Hi all.

I'm after a 29er fork with 120mm travel and a 15mm axle. Tapered or straight steerer with a length of 180mm. I'm not after anything super expensive so a few hundred clams would be good.


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Straight steerer, 15mm 120mm travel, located in Oatley.

I need to check the steerer length. It fits my Large santa cruz tallboy and an SE stout perfectly. Some marks on the lowers, a rub mark on the stanchion that doesn't affect fork, the guys at TBSM said there were no leaks when it got serviced recently. Hasn't been ridden in anger since service, now off bike.

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Cool. Age and price please?

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Too short? Not sure about the age, I've had them for a couple years and I bought them 2nd hand. Having said that the mileage I've put on them is not great, Strava reckons 650kms.

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A tad too short with my current stem.

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Hi Mate,

I might have one for you. FOX CTD , 120mm tapered steerer, 15mm axle. Will have to check on steerer length for you but it's definitely not short.

only 12 months old and in very good condition, one scratch to lower leg but stanchions are perfect.

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