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Dvo diamond

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By badchef - Posted on 21 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Gday all, im interested in the dvo diamond fork,just wondering if anyone has one and what they think of it...its this or a pike,thanks in advance

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Never rode one, but all the reports seem to suggest it's at least as good or better than a Pike, which is saying a lot.
Nice to have LSC/HSC comp settings.
Check for local servicing first. Nothing like having to ship your new fork off to get serviced.

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Superb fork! Slapped on my HD3 and paired with the Float X2.

Couldn't be happier. The OTT function is great!

If you're in Sydney you're welcome to have a butchers.

Buy one!

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Ive read heaps of the reviews and they all seem positive indeed,so much adjustability,i have read though that the diamond can make a clunk sound , top out, and sometimes some stiction off the top too, have you experienced any, also im in perth so would have to ship it to ns dymanics in qld for servicing, im hoping emr can do it in perth..what fork did you have on ya ibis prior to dvo, and how would you rate dvo against it?

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Never ridden one but really want to. Like the rest of you I've read great reviews and the only downside they say is its a tad heavier then the comparable pikes or floats but ride as well if not better. What specs are you looking at?

And i mean cmon. THERE GREEN!!!!!

Or on the other hand you could just go for a ohlins rxf Laughing out loud

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Previously I've used the Lyrik RC Air, Lyrik coil and Float 36 RC2 and Talas RC2

The Lyrik air RC was woeful so I got the Floats.

The Fox kit I could never get comfortable with and the TALAS would never get full travel.

Then I converted th RC air to cool and put the RC 2 cartridge in and that was / is great. However it's. 26" fork and 170mm travel so no good for the new 150mm bike with 27.5 wheels.

The coil is ok course smoother in the rough stuff but doesn't have the adjustment range of air (or this fork).

No issues with top clunking but I have heard Thame thing on MTBR. Servicing wise I haven't sent it back yet but as I also own a CCDBA I'm happy to send it off once a year for a service.

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