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Nobby Nic Trailstar and Pacestar

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By Ellsworth Joker - Posted on 30 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

OK. Just rode the KC circuit this morning and it's time to hang up my very worn tires - it was like riding on ice (frozen water not Meth).

I'm about to buy some Nobby Nics and just wanted to know which compound to use on the front and back.


PS. Saw an awful lot of blokes clad head to toe in lycra this morning on the trails....sinister.

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I like trailstar myself I have a nn on the rear and a rr on the front, and you're right there is something wrong with lycra in the bush. Eye-wink

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Cheers Carlos. I'll give the Nics a crack. As for the lycra brigade in the bush, us baggies need to stick together - safety in numbers I say.

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NN on the rear and RR on the front? I'd have thought you'd want the grippy tyre on the front and the better-rolling one on the back? Puzzled

That's the way I used to run 'em, and so do most others.

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yep that's right nn f rr r
jerseys too tight

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Must be the lycra. I won't tell anyone. Eye-wink

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Just about to replace my RR and NN myself, and see the new Gatestar with extra sticky outer knobs. Anyone tried this ones ?

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Of the tacky Hans Dampf is that it is slooooow. And it gets shredded on the rear up steep tarmac climbs - you can hear it.

Sticks like baby vomit to a suit lapel though. Love it on the front of my Trigger.

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Personally I wouldn't run any of Schwalbe tyres!

I have run most of them and compared to Maxxis tyres they are rubbish. When pushed hard the undercut on all the side nobs before the centre has even started to wear.

If your a rider that doesn't push hard into corners then they might be ok but if your aggressive they don't last long!

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Thanks, good to know, as i've been with schwlbe for so long. What Maxxis is equivalent to RR/NN ??

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OK. So last night I put the Trailstar (soft and sticky) on the front and the Pacestar (harder and high rolling) on the rear. Theses tyres seem huge compared to my very worn Michelin's. I'll test them this Saturday on the KC - I'll still ride like a twat but at least the bike will look better.

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I'd say the Ikon on the rear, and maybe the new updated Larsen TT that's just come out. I haven't tried them though, just going on feedback from others whose opinions I respect/my experience with the 26er equivalent.

Not sure about the front though. The Ardent gets mixed reviews as being a bit vague until you get fully cranked over and the Ardent race looks a little low-tread-height for me to be confident in its abilities around here.

The Ignitor's available as a 29er but only in that skinny small-bag 2.1 casing Sad

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I use the pace star compound for both.
Yes its a very soft compound & will most likely wear quickly.Like suggested the side nobly things will wear quickly on the RR on the rear. I used it for racing in Canberra & couldn't fault it. When fresh, grip is insane. But once worn, grip degrades very quickly.

NN on the front is fine. Goes forever even in the soft pace star compound.

Pace star also allows you to go Tubeless. If you're thinking about tubeless I would suggest go at least snake skin. Side walls go real quick in the standard stuff. Especially on the rear one.
But popper tubeless tires are better still.

*correction just released pace star is the hardest compound of the tipple compounds. I used mine for XC racing & hammering along our local tracks in Sydney

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