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Riding around Mossy Point and Mogo

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By richardgraysydney - Posted on 24 March 2016

Hi, I'm off to stay with friends over Easter at Mossy point. Does anyone know any trails in the area? There is a mention of Mogo on a previous line but there wasn't a lot of detail to the person who doesn't understand the area.

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Apologies - I got it wrong - there is a trail listed.
There doesn't seem to be much listed - does anyone have a map of the trails?

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.... so have some familiarity.

From what I understand, the Maulbrooks Trail area has been hit by a bit of logging action and some of the trails there are affected. Haven't been out to check it out, however. Seems the locals are riding and working on tracks around the Dog Trap Rd / Deep Creek Dam area on the other side of the highway. There is a FB group "Off Camber - Eurobodalla Mountain Biking" which would be worth contacting for up to date info. And they post frequent (rather than regular) rides which you might be able to piggy back onto for a bit of a tour of the area. It's not as well signposted as the Maulbrooks area was.

If you just want to head into the forest, there are tracks running off the north side of Mogo Rd through to Dunns Creek Rd (look for the big mobile phone tower up on the ridge NW of Mossy). I also go out the back of The Landings, through The Oaks Ranch onto the Old Mossy Point Rd to the highway. About 100m north on the highway a road goes in past the Boral site and there is a metric truckload of fire trails and moto tracks to explore. You can work your way across to the top of the Snake Track and do whatever if left of the Maulbrooks Loop.

For a flat blast, you can ride out the south end of Broulee along a dirt trail at the back of the beach down to the Moruya Airport. You can follow the fence line around the ocean side of the airport (can be a bit sandy) and ride right out to the end of the breakwater. Usually a sand drift to get though at the start of the breakwater.

Following is a Strava link showing the beach track and a loop that I do that includes it. I'll also try to add in a map of the Dog Trap Rd trails I got from the FB group, but I may have to go to the Mogo trails page to do that.....

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.... so PM me if you want a copy of the Dam area tracks map.

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