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Awaba to Cooranbong

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By shane2493 - Posted on 03 April 2016

Can anyone tell me where the single track from Awaba to Cooranbong starts exactly?

The Port to Port Stage 3 uses this track, they do a lap of the awaba mountain bike park, ride up Mt Faulk Rd, then apparently ride more single track back down the mountain to end up at cooranbong.

Did anyone do this stage last year who can tell me where the trail head is? Pretty keen to check it out before the race.

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it's pretty much impossible to explain unless you know the area really well ( the entry to much of the single is very hard to see).

You need to use a strava account, pick an easy segment to look at - eg, mt Faulk rd, for the date , and you should have stacks of names of competitors . Click on show full leaderboard, click on the date of the ride, and voila, you have the strava map of the ride.

Register premium for one month and download a gpx file of the ride, and either put it in your Garmin, or motionx on smartphone.

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