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Single Speed Awaba

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By Dee - Posted on 15 April 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Pretty keen to get out to Awaba soon for a single speed ride.

Any advice on what ratio to use?

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Only ridden the SS there once, and it was a few years ago, but 32:18 was what I did it with. Was good.

From memory the only place I had to get off was the steep pinch near the end. But, human memory is a notably unreliable record of fact lol.

I do have a pic of me well inside the hurt box at the to of the camel back climb.

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Thanks for the reply. I've never been out there but I'm very keen to go take a spin.

What size tweely/tyre was that with?

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Rigid 29er. It was pretty good fun from memory, like I'm not mentally scarred from the experience lol.

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I would prob start on a 32x20.....since you're starting out - then dabble from there. It takes a while for your body to adjust ....

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Thanks heaps for the advice.

I can run something close that with a 29x19 and a 3" tyre using my existing parts.

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There a neat app for your iphone called 'bikegearcalculator' which i find useful for looking for gear ratio possibilities/options.

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I have a neat app in my brain called 'IforgothowmuchtheSShurtonthistracklasttime' which I only seem to be able to run when it's too late.

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Too funny mate!

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That's why I like having a selection of cogs on the back. For just those situations. Effectively I'm still on a single speed as I'm only on one cog at a time... Just not for too long... Smiling

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Called ShutUpLegs.

Works great on the roadie and the XC bike, especially when chasing faster riders (which is most of the time for this slowpoke) up lomg steep hills. I think it was first released in Germany and kind of went viral from there.

Not compatible with singlespeed platforms though. It keeps crashing, displaying "Error 101: Power leak. Imminent knee failure. Get off and walk." Sad

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I ride awaba ss all the time. I live in the area. I started at 32:20 on my rigid 29er. I was setting pretty quick times, so I left it at that for ages.

I tried 32:19 later, but camelbak was too hard. 32:20 is perfect. Seriously.

If I can win C grade, and come 4th in B grade, (at Awaba) I must be doing okay. 32:20 is the bees knees.
(And - Ed McDonald used the same ratio when he was racing SS in the Choc Foot races years ago)

EDIT: I did try 32:17 a couple of times after riding some tarmac. It is possible, but it's mostly grinding heavily instead of easy spinning. And Camelbak Climb & 'Murderhorn' are impossible. (for me)

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Great feedback Chris.....camelbak is the make or break!

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