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Convict 68

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By ps - Posted on 01 May 2016

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Convict 100 2016
Jet Cycles
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68km Male Super Masters
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Three years since my last marathon race so I went with the 68k option. In hindsight it was the right choice for my current form.

Other than a couple of days in NZ in February I had only ridden the MTB once in the last year so went for a recce 4 weeks ago. I was that bad on the GNR section that I came back the following week and rode it twice searching for a bit more rhythm through the rough stuff.

After watching the 100k start I got changed, did a quick warmup and waited in the start shute. The 1x11 upgrade to the trusty 26er happened after my recce rides so I didn't really know how it would go on the flat or hills. When the gun went I was able to stay with the lead group so the top end got a tick.

It split a bit after the creek crossing and I just followed the wheels in front. With the light drizzle and the 100k back markers walking a fair bit of Jacks Track it was pretty difficult to ride the steep pinches and I think I walked more than I did in my training rides. After a while it spread out a bit and it seemed like I was able to ride some of the firmer hills that I could clear on my 2x setup so I gave the 40t cog a pass mark as well. Its yet to drop a chain so I am calling it a successful upgrade. It is much simpler to click up or down without having to swap front chainrings as well so for most XC or XCM riding I think I will stay with the 1x.

I was expecting to catch up with a few mates after the event however it seemed like I spent most of Womerah and the commute back to the canoe bridge talking to a work mate or Gazza about a variety of things. There was a bit of racing thrown in as I desperately tried to stay with a group of about 8 near the end of Womerah so that I would have a nice tow along the river. It wasn't to be and it ended up with just Gazza and I riding side by side talking about real estate, France, Rob's motorhome trip and a couple of other things.

I rode the rest of the way with my mate from work. I didn't have the smoothest ride through the GNR section but it was a PB so thats got to be a win. There were three of us swapping turns on the dirt road back to St Albans so time went by pretty quickly and then it was over.

I had a great time talking to people and enjoyed the racing bit. A 20kph average and 5th in SuperMasters was about right for my current form. Got to love a race without any dramas.

Its back to training for me.

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... I was in my threshold HR zone for over 2 hours and conversation was not an option. I managed a few grunts and a few garbled words here and there.

Great result for not much mtb work prior. I assume you've been doing plenty of road work??

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Well done Paul, great result.

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Well done Paul

Great to see you back on the MTB. here's to more of it in 2016 !

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I don't think anyone has it easy. In the past I have had a heap of mechanical issues in this race so a trouble free run did make the race enjoyable. I had a max HR of 162 and an average over the first hour of 150 so I was probably working as hard as everyone else.
And yes, 3,500k so far this year so my CTL was about as high as I could get it. Train hard, race easy is a good rule to follow.

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Well done Paul. Good to see you're getting back into it.

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Welcome back Paul and well done ! The engine looks like it is running pretty well at keeping the trusty 26er humming along Eye-wink

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Glad you managed to pull through with not much time on the MTB! The fact you were able to sustain a conversation along the road is better than I could have done!

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It was great to catch up again Paul. Clearly those mountainous sth coast rides have pulled you into shape quickly. Great ride.

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Craig, your welcome to come down any time and try some of the local hills. They do produce results.

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I'll have to take you up on that offer Paul. Living near Parramatta all my riding is on the flat so I've become like those roadies who charge along until they hit a hill then die...

Although last time I was down your way was a day of riding the local trails with Gordo and all I remember was going up and up and up with him talking the whole time while I was trying my best to keep my heart from popping out my mouth.

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Great to see you back on this side of the ditch Paul and well done on the result!

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