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By Oldlegs - Posted on 11 May 2016

The only bit of Serrata that I can't do is the steep double roll down. What's the best approach - no brakes until the bottom or some back brake to slow down after the first roll down and before the second roll down?

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Push your bum as far back, and as far down as it goes! Almost so that your bum is scraping the rear tire. You want to try get it as close as you can to the rear axle. That will stop the rear of the bike wanting to overtake the front.

Once you've got the correct body position you can be comfortable grabbing some rear brake as you roll down - don't be scared of the rear brake as you will now have traction.

Pick your line before you've started descending so you can go in a straight line so if your rear does lock you will slide straight and not onto your side.

You can practice the body position on flat ground to get a feel the positioning, although it wont feel as natural as it would when going down that steep downhill.

Good luck buddy!

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One thing that always put me off is setting up for the left hand corner directly after the roll down. I find that if you angle slightly to the left down the steeper side of the roll down it gives you a better/straighter entry into the following corner.

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What's the biggest roll down you have done before? If you have ridden Manly Dam what line to you ride at 19th hole?

If you're able to ride the C line; the one just to the right of the big drop A line then you should be OK with Serrata. As others have said just keep your weight back. Also roll in slow, get your balance right and take some time.

Don't worry to much about making the corner the first time.... it's all about getting down for the first time. After that you'll be fine.

Have fun out there. It's a great track.

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