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Aquatic Centre: Pipeline to Bus Stop closed

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By C3PO - Posted on 14 May 2016

I noticed that section across the other side of the parkway from KC - from the pipeline to the bus stop - is closed. Someone has built a 6ft high wall of logs, etc. Looks like a serious effort to keep us out.
I understand the section from the bus stop to the Dam is ecologically sensitive but I thought the section before the bus stop is fine and there is no reason to block it off? It made a great "down" to the KC "up".
Anyone know any more??

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Just went for a quick spin to take a look.

And this tree has been dragged across the trail exit to funnel riders left.

Yet there is still litter from the 24 hour running race held almost 3 weeks ago.

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The issue is the trail that was cut in off the end of that connector from the bus stop down into the park to join up with the walking trails that come out near the creek.

Riders are getting blamed for that, reading between the lines of what the senior ranger has said to me.

It was a serious error of judgement by whoever did it, but doubt it was riders who cut it. The evidence on the ground pointed to runners rather than riders using it, and it did not seem to be routed with bike riders in mind at all, with many features impossible to ride.

I think Council might be trying to keep the bus stop link closed as a means of forward defense to prevent access to this trail.

Interesting, because it's RMS land.

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Yep that's it. Thanks Hawkeye.
Still don't understand why council would do this??
Disappointing because they could have built the great wall just past the bus stop which would have done the job.

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