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Interstate Bike Dleivery

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By Rich de Pom - Posted on 23 May 2016

I have just sold my bike so can anyone advise who should I use to send interstate. Seen a few from old posts but would like to know if someone in Nobmob world has some recommendations.

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are you offering insurance on the fright.. if not, then e-go, if you want it insured, then try Smartsend


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Dropped the bike off at the Artarmon depot, paid about $120 and sent it up to someone in Quennsland.

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This is to a buyer so some charge $50 just for the insurance.
I paid less for a weekend away in NZ for myself !!

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If you need a box for a 27.5 bike. i have 1 here youre welcome to it. Just need to pick it up. In Seaforth

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