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Helmet for a 14 month old

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By webby - Posted on 27 May 2016


Looking for a store in the northern beaches area to go and try on helmets for my 14 month old.
Any suggestions?
Been looking online and cant find sizes for under 2 years

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99 bikes in Brookie could be a start

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I think Belrose Bicycles might have something.

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I've got a pink girls helmet which you can have for half of what you would pay in the shop. Still in good condition.

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Bike addiction in manly used to stock kids helmets

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Picked up an xxs for my daughter's 12 month old head about a year ago. Only place that went small enough. RJays.

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I got a Bontrager helmet for my son when he was around 12 months from Nicks Cycles in the mountains but any Trek store should have them.

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i got my dauhgter a helmet from k-mart.
all meet Australian standards
they're cheap, cos kids grow out of things really quickly

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Thanks guys, 99 bikes had them for $35

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