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Bermagui mouintain bike park

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 12 June 2008

Anybody know what Berm. MTB park is like and where I can get some info?
Looked on the web and not much about it
Any other trails in the area?
Thinking of heading this way for a few days.

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have fun, or are you planning our next road trip?

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Had a "training camp" with my mates earlier in the year down that way.

Stayed at Mystery Bay and... *cough* ...scummed all over the place - Tilba TIlba, Narooma, Bermagui, Cobargo...

Was an awful/pleasant surprise to ride past Bermagui MTB park AND NOT HAVE MY NEW SCOTT MTB WITM ME.

Will be returning to the area later in the year - i want to ride up Mt Dromedary


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Hi Andy/Lance

Go for it...Bermagui single track is sweet...

It is just a km or so of the main highway in a state forest. Nice sweet single track ...sniggle extreeeeeeme. Good working example of joint effort of State forests and local MTB club!

My S.O. and I stopped there on a drive up from Eden, where we went for a friends wedding. We took our MTB's and stopped at three locations on the way back...

1) Bermagui
Full info and map:

2) Mandeni Bike Park - you pay $ 5 and ride all day on one of the best maintained singletracks (again - great example of synergy between the local (small) MTB club and a commercial "resort".

3) And finally we did a small bit of Mogo ...before heading back to the big smoke...

(Received the original leads from Alchemist, Rob and other Nobmobbers - see )


Rgds Hans


Happiness is a warm shock.

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Thanks for the info guys
That does look sweet

I will do a reccy for a future road trip, Stu
Rob was talking about us all putting in for a NoBMoB tour bus
Kind of a cross between 'drop in' and The Partridge Family

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Just returned from Bermagui. The advice was spot on and made this trip - thanks Hans etc.
Berma MTB park is a sweet 7 k's of groomed single track. And the berms - oh the berms. And not a soul the whole time - even the weekend. I couldn't believe it.

And Dromadary. You have to do it Lance. The uphill is looong - steep and loose. The last 2 k's are very steep and a real test of the legs and lungs. You can walk (no bikes) an hour return to the summit look out, but the view is overgrown.
But do not return the long way. Apart from being way long and a bit death defying in parts, the walking trail (bikes allowed) is an insane downhill run through big rock gardens and beautiful high speed sections. This must not be missed. Your eyes are watering and heart pounding as you burst out of the dense forest into farmland hitting 60k's on the gravel on the run down into Tilba. Then ride the sealed road uphill back to the car at Central Tilba.

And we jagged perfect weather. Bloody brilliant stuff.

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You jogged my memory I rode it about 17 years ago on a cyclocross bike I remember it was quite hard going for me at the time.

My ride started of on ridge road near lake corunna I rode around to the back and then up the mountain it seemed to go on for ever. I carried my bike the last bit all the way to the top of the mountain the view was good back then.
The descent down the front of the mountain was a bit hard on a cyclocross bike but still fun. I will be staying there the night before the angry doctor but a 5 hour night ride might not be such a good idea the evening before a 100k race.

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Wow, great stuff. This is clearly now a definite for me to do. I will have to tee up a bit of a pre-Angry Doctor road trip with the missus - and hit up Bermagui, Mt Dromedary and obviously Mogo...

Then i'll be able to see whether i will be able to finish the 100 km, rather than drop down to the 50 km event...

Cheers guys!


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I was in Tilba a couple of years ago and drove up Mt Dromedary. On the way back down noticed some great looking singletrack, but lost track of where it was.

Looks like its time to arrange a trip down south (disguised as an obligatory visit to the parents!)

Might be worth mentioning that last time I rode that area (I was more around Bodalla), whilst riding around dusk, the mozzies were out in force and looked big enough to carry away new born calves! ;-(

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