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Cold but fun ourimbah

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By ahein - Posted on 26 June 2016

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Shimano MTB GP Round 4 - Ourimbah
The stumpy giant
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It was a rather cold start to the day with the car showing a minimum of 4.5 degrees on the drive up to ourimbah and it had me considering why I was doing this again. But when I got to the trail I caught up with Daniel (my team mate) and fatboy. Daniel and I performed a recce by discussing the trail with other riders as neither of us had ridden it before. In hindsight maybe we shouldn't have done this as everyone made out the drop zone to be worse than what it was and made Daniel and I think about taking the b line, shock horror.

As the gun went off Daniel kicked off our race and was back in no time telling me to hit up all the a lines. So I headed out and was enjoying the top section on the trail, when I got to the drop zone the marshal told me to roll the a line it's fine, so I did and got over the top and remembered the wise training of my team mate, lean back more speed Eye-wink ,and I had a ball going down there. I had a few moments on my first lap but it was my second lap where I had a big wash out of my front wheel. This resulted in a good OTB in front of 2 other riders, sorry guys, and me burping the tyre down to almost no psi. This made riding the last 800m of the lap tricky!!! and rather slow.

Got the tyre fixed and went back for a third lap and made it just in time for the 4 hour cut off, sending Daniel out for a 4th lap which he smashed out. Not sure if Daniel was thanking me or hating me for that!!

Had a great day, met a few other nobmobers around, got a good team result and enjoyed the trail.

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Yeah was good fun!

Was good to get that last lap in although up until I took off I wasn't sure if I was keen for it!

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Those tech bits made the race pretty awesome. Some events are too sterile regarding technical so strong legs win but this course evened it out a fair bit. Well done!

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