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iPhone explosion at Manly Dam

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By hawkeye - Posted on 02 August 2016

I'm really not sure what to say about this. Shocked

Apparently this guy fell off his bike at Manly Dam and suffered third degree burns when his iPhone exploded. Currently awaiting skin grafts at RNSH.

Warning: some photos NSFW

[Mod. moved to chat - an iPhone is not a mechanical piece of MTB equipment]

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No "Wouldn't happen with an Android." posts yet, that has to be a record!

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Was it in his pocket? One way to do a hot lap I spose.

But seriously, hope he's OK.

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Mine always goes in the camelback same with keys can't stand the jiggle each pedal stroke. Nasty stuff those batteries if the cells leak - a charging phone blew up in our office and took out 6 desks was due to a dodgy knock-off battery though

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I'm the same, phone and keys go in the Camelbak.

It's got me worried about putting the phone in the jersey pocket on the roadie but. I have a protective phone cover, but I don't think that's going to do much in a big hit or on a pointy object.

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I always have my phone in my pocket for XC rides. Cant stand having a camel back on. I might have to rethink this.

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You know what this means...another upgrade. Fire proof camelbaks will be the next big thing.

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There were a few people lost their cars and houses not long after their introduction. Heard a couple of stories from the R/C aircraft community where people had charged their batteries in their car boots and had a charging malfunction. Hence the development of these fireproof bags.

Speaking of which, I have the AyUps charging in the garage after a wet and dark commute. I might go turn them off now...

@VTSS350, might be worth investigating one of those Bento Box thingies?

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I have electric batteries for my commuter bikes but the safer type. I've heard of people charging the more dangerous LiPos in ceramic pot plants in case the worst happens.

I really wish I hadn't decided to stop using a camelbak at the same time I decided to "upgrade" to an iPhone plus. Still it seems to sit in the back jersey pocket Ok, all good until I literally fall on my arse.

I would think everyone riding a bike has a phone on them so a pretty rare incident but maybe manufacturers need to start building phone holders into bike frames.

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