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Recommend bike repair workstand

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By LittleRed - Posted on 09 August 2016

Hi all, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced stand for doing basic at home repairs and services? Or what should I look for in a stand? Are there different ones for MTB and road bikes? I guess as long as the top tube or stem fit it should be fine right... Cheers for any info/recommendations!

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I own one of these and I'm pretty happy with it:

It can be used for both road and mountain bikes.

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I'd recommend one with a quick release clamp. I've got a Park Tools version which are pricey but there must be cheaper versions. A few mates have cheaper units with the screw clamps. I find when working on my bike I tend to take it on and off the stand, turn it around etc frequently so having to keep tightening a screw each time just makes the whole task annoying and you end up just putting your bike upside down on the ground rather than piss fart around with clamps that take ages to get in place.

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If you have the space to mount a bench top version I use one called a Bike Hand. Has quick release clamp and swivel to rotate the bike. Works well and have been using it for a couple of years with no problems.

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I have this one $105 and its fantastic for the price they have other options to on the site

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Yep, that's the one I've got. I paid more than that for it 5+ years ago!

Excellent unit, really good for home use or at the track. I usually get the call to bring it for teams races.

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Aldi sell them about every 12 months, I've got one from 4 yrs ago which is fine, but has a twist clamp, the new ones have a quick release, pretty good value for 30-40 bucks but you've got to wait until the become available. I can do lots of work on a bike without a stand but working on the drivetrain is much easier with one.

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Stable with a 14kg+ bike hanging it - height adjustment is a bit fiddly but you only do it once. The strong screw clamp works well around the (extended) seat post. Like the fact the bike can be rotated on the stand and still remain stable.

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I got that T7 one a few years ago and it's still going strong.
A few surface rusts on the clamp area and that's about the only gripe I have on these stands

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