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By staffe - Posted on 13 August 2016

Best buddy from Sweden is coming over and I'm looking at options to rent a bike for him so I can show all the great tracks around around NSW. Problem is Swedes are tall but my man cave only stock small frame bikes so I'm looking at options to rent a bike for him for a week and a bit.

Any advise on businesses that rent reasonably decent MTBs will be greatly appreciated.


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Give The Body Mechanic at Lavender Bay a call. When I was in there getting a bike fit on Thursday I overheard they have an arrangement with their landlord to set up bikes for him under something called Global Bike HIre.

My google-fu didn't turn up anything meaningful, but they may be able to direct you more accurately.

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You will probably be better off buying from one of the facebook sell groups (e.g. NSW MTB trading post). Buy one for ~2000 and you would have no problems selling two weeks later for only a hundred or two less.

Bike hire is usually at least 100 per day

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Sydney Mountain Bike Hire

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for all suggestions. Will check 'em all out.

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Sydneymtbhire rent out duellies . Ive heard they are good rigs

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