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Manly Dam Crash

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By Muskboy - Posted on 14 August 2016

Did anyone hear about the result of a big crash at the dam yesterday afternoon around 4pm?

It was about 200m from the hydro-lab at the end of a lap, the guy looked like he was in bad shape. A lady told me not to look so I assume it was bad! There were plenty of helpers there.

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Hi Muskboy,

I was right behind the guy when he went over the bars. The chap involved was in very bad shape. Not life threatening but he had an severe injury to his ankle that no normal person would have enjoyed seeing. If the injured man would like to share the details, I'll get him do that (I'll show him this thread).

We had a runner at the top of the track diverting people (sorry, I don't recall your name), a man called Daniel who did a great job of getting local help and working out access for the ambulance crew, and the couple who lived at the closest house who provided a quilt, clothing and other support for the injured guy and the helpers. The ambulance crew were amazing, 6 in total. 3 worked on stabilising his injury, Dave (thanks Dave) delivered the pharmaceuticals and the other guys worked on stretcher and other logistics. Everyone did a great job.

I visited the injured guy later that night in hospital. He was being taken care of incredibly well with a swarm of doctors around him. He was groggy but remembered everything, and most importantly, is alive and well. He'll take a long time to heal, it was a very serious injury but modern medicine is pretty amazing.

A big thank you to everyone involved, the people that directly helped, the respectful passers-by that gave the injured guy some space, and the medical crew at scene and those fixing him up as we speak.


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Sounds nasty mate, all the best for a speedy recovery

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