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BYBF question

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By hoffo - Posted on 09 September 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I was considering participating in the Back Yamma Big Foot. Whats the flora / fauna like? Have you guys seen many interesting animals during this event?

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.. they even have a warning about them on the web site. Haven't seen much else out there in a couple of visits, but there were emu tracks around. Online entries closed on Thursday, so you may want to contact someone about on the day entries before heading out.

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Hi - I was heading out there this weekend to race. I has just been cancelled due the amount of water on the trail from the past few weeks.

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.... very wet here in the Warrumbungles today and all through the Central West from what I can see. And the ground here was already pretty saturated. Creeks are falling, but still running strongly. BYBF was to be the final stop on a 2 week road trip, but we might head home a bit earlier given the crap weather. Camper trailer + wind + rain + cold is not so much fun....

I don't think the suggested re-scheduling in "about 5 weeks" is going to work for me, but we shall see.

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To answer your question, i believe back yamma state forest is cypress pine plantation, though lots of gum trees there too. There's often cattle grazing. Lots of bird life that is different from coastal or mountains.

Heaps of roos. I've seen a few echidnas.

My inexpert opinion would call it open woodland.

This video should give you a feel for the place:

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are big! Not like the wallabies around northern Sydney.

Once they get going, they don't yield. The guy whose wheel I was on at the inaugural event had a near miss (couple of metres). Me yelling my head off at him and the roo made no difference. And a girl I passed I found out later had to be airlifted after being t-boned. (Fortunately no major injuries.) I spent most of the second half by myself, deep in a state of paranoia with my head on a swivel- my bell got a lot of use that day!

Interesting terrain and soil type, very different to the coast. The practice day was loose but the trail was mostly buff by race day. Don't be fooled into thinking the race will be easy because its flat, you just go faster. You're on the gas most of the time. Working with others helps a lot.

Oh, and where the areas have been logged make sure you stay on the trail. There are lots of gutter-height stumps hidden by the ground cover vegetation waiting to get you if you run wide or try to corner cut. I was glad I listened for once at the pre-race briefing.

It was a really fun race with a real communuty vibe and one I'd like to do again - if I could just get the stars to align!

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