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Interesting UK police blog on road safety

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By azsthj - Posted on 11 September 2016

After many close calls and recently being hit by a car while riding I have been reading what I can do to limit the risk. Bright clothes, flashing ligths, started recording rides.... none of which seemed to have made much difference. I think this was a great articles with some good tips. Watch car wheels as they are the first to move for example.

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Finally, evidence based attitudes instead of the hype and anecdote that seems to drive the pathetic excuse for policy debate here.

I particularly liked the distinction between law breaking cycling being an irritant and a "first world problem", and lawbreaking driving being a real danger that kills people.

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The plain clothes police cyclist with camera and radio to patrol car is a good idea. I can't see why this isn't in place in NSW..

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Because the unhidden agenda in NSW is to get cyclists off the road.

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The attempted gerrymander to get rid of Clover backfired deliciously. Despite the vocal whining published by the Telegraph it seems that a large number of businesses like what Clover is doing to make the CBD a more pleasant and human place because it equals a better business environment too.

I didn't read it in detail but the moaning evident in the Telegraph this morning along the lines of of "4 Moore years of Clover!" was just too funny. I'll admit to a big dose of schadenfruede Smiling

and it looks like that getting the College St cycleway is high on her priority list.

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LMAO, bad luck for the State Government and good news for Sydney cyclists.

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