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Help on Crank Bro's Egg Beater Pedals

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By Chitts - Posted on 14 September 2016

Hi Folks,

I have some egg beaters that are coming loose between the black axle and the silver bit (see where the white is sticking out).

Why does this happen and what do I need to do to fix them?

Any advice appreciated.


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Pretty sure you can buy rebuild/bearing/seal kits, but it is a common problem with pretty much all CB pedals.

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Ian, it happens because the CB design is frankly sh*te and their durability is rubbish. The bushing and seal design they use allows muck from the trail to get into the spindle. I love the feel of these pedals. I have had 1 pair of eggbeaters and 3 pairs of mallets. Every pair of mallets have failed on me, the last I had used not quite on 30 rides (all in dry conditions) and on day 1 of a trip to Cairns they failed me with the left one becoming stuck solid and unwinding from the crank arm!
Never again. You can buy rebuild kits as Mez says (about $15 from memory although seem to be not always in stock which tells its own story) but should you really have to rebuild a pedal every 6 months?
I've been on Shimano trails since which I'm not really a fan of and will try the HT T1 next.

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The best fix for CB pedals is to replace them with Time pedals.

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Can't help with CB, but my last 2 TIME pedals have not been that durable to be honest.

On the latest XC6 the pins keeps coming off the previous one was worn out way too soon.
I've ordered an XC8 this time and will see how long that will last.

My now 16 year old alloy bodied TIME ATAC is still going strong however.

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The outer cartridge bearing on my candy 3's have failed on two occasions and noticed excessive wear in the same bearings, which has created a lot of sideways movement. One rebuild kit and constant maintenance over 4 years I have just purchased a set of bearings from a bearing store which are dearer than a rebuild kit. Great pedal otherwise but when they fail next I'm going to Shimano.

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....all good comments and advice.

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I've had the same issue with 1 pair of my recent Time XC6 pedals. I put a bit of Loctite on both ends of the pin before pushing it back in and they've stayed in place since.

Bashing them against rocks seemed to be the cause for me.

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... if it's reliability you are after, is to bin them and buy Shimano race pedals.

They must be doing something right to have stayed in business this long, but with such a poor reliability track record I'm still trying to figure out what that is.

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I almost got some CB pedals but was turned off with the many comments similar to yours hawkeye.

According to this; they are trying to turn the company around.

Time will tell.

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Like all brands they make a range (price) of pedals - some better than others.

Compare with similar priced CB's - no comparison.

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Just need to greese them as per the mainenance requirements.

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