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Cycle super highways

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By staffe - Posted on 05 October 2016

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Duncan Gay's idea of a bike superhighway, which I gather is something like the breakdown lane on the M2, but with tolls.

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I for one support cyclists paying tolls, it will legitimise our road use which in turn will make it safer for all of us, it can only be a good thing.

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And of course there'd be a speed limit of 25km/h with police checking for bells and ID every 3km.

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I hope so, I'm all about supporting improvements in cycling safety.

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Currently I'm in Berlin after spending 5 days in London.

While in London I did a bit of Boris biking around using the mayor's network of blue-painted cycle superhighways.

I would say based on my limited travels that bikes form perhaps 20% of vehicles by number and 15% of travellers. I was amazed by the number of people commuting by bike...

Berlin is in another league altogether though. Almost no one uses helmets here, and they mostly ride these "dutch" style upright riding position flat-bar bikes with 650b wheels. Masses of bikes around train stations locked to railings because all the (plentiful) bike racks are occupied.

I've seen one MTB - a fatbike ridden by a heavy metal rocker - and not one roadie more than 20 years old. They're all on these dutch bikes. Tried to buy a cycling cap and socks and drew a blank at 3 shops because everyone wears riding what they would wear in the office. There are some on road cycling lanes but people mostly ride on the footpath at a relaxed pace.

Here, bikes are just a logical way to get around. Who'da thunk it?

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