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Lake Canobolas Mountain Bike Park update for 08 Oct

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By grantd - Posted on 08 October 2016

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Temporary closure of Lake Canobolas MTB tracks due to wet weather and tracks:
With the warmer weather finally approaching, it is now time to
conduct our first major spring clean and scheduled maintenance at the lake track. The boggy sections are slowly drying out, it's now especially critical to keep off until fully drained. We will trim overhanging Biddy bush and grass.
So we are asking everyone in the club and visitors to be patient whilst we get our ducks in a row, and please help spread the message to non club members.
Signage will be at the trail head as well to inform.
The pump track and car park will stay open and we encourage everyone to keep using it.
As an alternative: fire roads at Kinross and the Boundary rd from Pinnacle carpark are in good shape to keep the glutes in tone.
Thanks everyone for your patience,
Cheers from the OMC team

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Coming out to Orange next week for work & wondering if things have dried out at all.

Gather there is still plenty of water around but keen for an update.

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This hasn't reopened yet. We have some springs that just keeping on flowing and crossing the track at various spots.

It's still quite wet out here in spots. Kinross has some tracks that are in good condition, it's still worth bringing your bike out. Plenty of great fun fire roads to explore too.

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