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Manly Dam Upgrades!

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By MC - Posted on 27 October 2016

Nah just kidding...

They're probably going to turn it into concrete footpath.

Footpath opposite North Balgowlah PS is all barricaded off.

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Or bicycle hurdles...

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since CX is becoming such a popular pursuit!

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The sign says "road closed".

Maybe we should help them put it in the right place.

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Definitely a new footpath going in. School newsletter said so.

Now, to re-route the MTB trail to the other side of the fence.....

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Joeys ok....

It's still funny 5 years on.

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You had me excited for a minute there thinking that they were actually going to upgrade the track to make it better for riders.

There just putting in a footpath so its better for mums and dads dropping there kids off.

If it was a real upgrade they would be building some new track on the other side of the fence to keep the riders away from the pedestrians. But that's just silly talk.

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That would do it wouldn't it - turn it into a footpath so cyclists are fined $106 for riding on it. All part of Duncan Gay's broader plan to take cycling in NSW back to the 1940s

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Most people rode bikes back then. Private motor vehicle ownership was relatively uncommon and being a "driver" was a relatively prestigious occupation.

No helmet compulsion and few cycling deaths. Oh, and bicycle riders were treated like humans.

Cycling didn't become "dangerous" until the postwar years, particularly the 60s, when private motorcar ownership took off and the Department of Main Roads fell in love with the American catastrophe, adopting similar policies which classified human powered transport as "backward" and the motor car as "progressive".

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Where cyclists weren't treated as the pests of the earth. Something so foreign to NSW road rules in 2016.

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