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So the Duke has a Guardian

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By BT - Posted on 09 November 2016

Has anyone noticed they are being swooped while riding up Daisy Duke? It's not obvious, like when you're being attacked by a Magpie. This bird is a silent assassin; all you hear is this rush of air as it hurtles past you, disappearing into the trees.

Previously I've only ever caught sight of a brown/grey flash, right after it flew by. Today when it attacked, I ducked, went OTB, but then managed to catch sight of it sitting in a nearby tree, looking proud of what it had just achieved.

Seems to be some sort of small raptor like a kite, hawk, falcon, etc.

Anyone else seen this bird?

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Sounds pretty fowl.

Sorry, that was cheep.

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That bird sounds like a hazzard.

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Yes, the hazzard of Duke! LOL

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