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Weather page

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By GarethP - Posted on 14 November 2016

Not sure how many people use the weather page on NobMob but it's no longer working. I really found it useful, any chance it can be fixed/turned back on? Only if it's not too much trouble...

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Great for checking how much rain there has been on a track...

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Well... it's a little bit of trouble but will see what I can do.

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So... I had a bit of a play with this today. It should be working again.

The graphs will be blank for the period things weren't working, but if you see anything odd from today on please shout out.

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I didn't know it was there, but now I'll be checking it quite regularly.
Very helpful.

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Thanks Rob - really appreciate it, I am pretty obsessed with weather and hate riding in the wet so really found the weather page useful.

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