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MTB WORLD CUP @ Stromlo - Meet Sam Hill, Steve Peat, Athertons...

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By Hans - Posted on 24 June 2008

Saturday, 30 August, 2008 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

48 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Bring your BIKES - I'm sure we can fit in some fine Majura sniggle...(before or after the race...) to suggestions!


Come and see the best mountain bikers in the world battling it out in Cross Country, Down Hill and 4X.

World Cup Schedule

Racing- come and see the best mountain bikers in the world battling it out in Cross Country, Down Hill and 4X. The schedule commences on Thursday and runs through until Sunday afternoon with the Elite Cross Country, 4X and Down Hill finals happening on Saturday and Sunday. For those of us who may not be world class but want to ride at a World Cup there will be a schedule of non UCI races happening throughout the weekend. - stay tuned for more information.

The World Cup Schedule
Saturday 30 Aug 08
0800 Village open to spectators
0800 0900 Registration - Mountain Bike Trials Australian National Round
0900 1200 DHI course open for training - all riders
0900 1000 Mountain Bike Trials Australian National Round
1100 1300 Women's World Cup XCO
1305 1315 Awards ceremony Women's World Cup XCO
1400 1615 Men's World Cup XCO
1620 1630 Awards ceremony Men's World Cup XCO
1645 1745 Mountain Bike Trials Australian National Round (continued)
1730 1800 Team managers meeting (DHI)
1745 1800 Presentation - Mountain Bike Trials Australian National Round
1800 1930 Live entertainment
1800 1930 4X course open for training for qualified riders only
2000 2100 World Cup 4X Finals Women and Men
2105 2125 Awards Ceremony 4X World Cup Women and Men

Sunday 31 Aug 08
0800 Village open to spectators
0800 1000 DHI course open for training - all riders
1030 1300 World Cup DHI Semi Finals
1305 1325 Short Track Cross Country - Women
1335 1400 Short Track Cross Country - Men
1405 1415 Prize Presentation, Short Track Cross Country
1430 1630 World Cup DHI Finals Women and Men
1635 1655 Awards Ceremony DHI World Cup Women and Men
1655 1700 Closing Ceremony

Who's in?
alchemist, Matt, Little-Ditty, Baxide, GAZZA, lorrie, Squidly Didly, Hans, sonicmook, trailburner, Benji, captaintumeke, Jee10, adski, Checkmate (15 riders)
alchemist Matt Little-Ditty Baxide GAZZA lorrie Squidly Didly Hans sonicmook trailburner Benji captaintumeke Jee10 adski Checkmate
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Matt's picture

I'll be there making a fool of myself in the trials comp, laughter appreciated Eye-wink

christine's picture

day? we can all cheer you on! and video you!!!!!
i am keen for a day trip as the angry doctor is the following weekend...anyone else up for a day out?

Matt's picture

It's actually in the official timing already, good work trials crew!

Little-Ditty's picture

Me too, I will watch the action as well. Happy to watch the downhill action, in particular. I think we are all keen to see the Aussies do well at this event. We can make it an overnighter as well?

Oh, do we take our bikes and fit in a Majura or Sparrow ride too? Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

If we do make this an overnighter, we would need to book accom quick smart.

Baxide's picture

I'm broke so I'm taking the tent. Hopefully will get a spot at the Cotters Dam campsite, which is like 10mins drive up the road from Stromlo.

Anyone else interested?

lance's picture

IF you aren't sleeping in after watching the first stage of the TDF, the UCI 2008 World MTB Champs are on SBS tomorrow @ 11:30 am...


Little-Ditty's picture

Has anyone given this World Championships weekend any more thought? We will need to book now as accommodation will be running out.

Is this (currently) "9 riders" the final group that wishes to attend? Does anyone else want in? Shall we go ahead and book something?

Baxide's picture

I called the Ranger at the Cotters Dam campsite and you can't book so I'm heading down on Friday to ensure a spot. If anyone is keen on camping let me know I'll spread out a little to reserve some space.

He also mentioned that it's riding distance to Stromlo, don't know the exact distance but it's a 5-10 min drive to Stromlo from Cotters Dam.

alchemist's picture

It's about 10km - via a rather nice climb

Hans's picture

Hi Allistar

Thank you for the offer to keep space for camping at Cotter Dam. If possible, keep 2 spots - our whole clan of 2 adults + 3 bike-mad boys is coming down to watch the World Cup.

2 spaces = 1 x 3 person, 1 x 4 person tent.

Thanks, Hans

PS it's a nice spot - we've camped there before:


Happiness is a warm shock.

goatman's picture

Just curious, but is anyone considering entering the XCO race for punters on the Friday.

I am thinking of going down with Jedi and 2 of my kids for a look and thought it would be fun to have a dig at the xc on the Friday.

I can't find out much about it except for what's mentioned in the Schedule.

Anone know anything about it?

Little-Ditty's picture

Nah, I was more likely to take my bike and have a gander at Majura or Sparrow.

Rob's picture

Make it Majura on Sat... I'm working on bringing a newbie! Eye-wink

Erm, although that said not sure we can do Can'bra two weekend's in a row. Hmmmmm, perhaps give the last WWS a miss?

Little-Ditty's picture

That's right, give WWS a miss... that race will suck. My vote would be for Sparrow over Majura (seeing we do Majura a lot) but I love either trail. Eye-wink

Brian's picture

And don't forget Mogo is the following weekend.

lorrie's picture

I'll hook up with you guys on the Sunday - will drive up from Jindabyne. But I'm planning on doing Majura / Sparrow hill on the Mon or tues or wed beforehand

goatman's picture

But why is no one keen on the XC race on the Friday? Or are most getting there Sat?

I reckon the course is unbelievable, we shuttled the DH section a couple of weeks ago for two days.

alchemist's picture

Of course if you do the WWS the week before it may be your chance to mix it up with some of the Europros Smiling

goatman's picture

Would love to but really want to watch the WC and can't do 2 weekends in a row.

jedijunglesnow's picture

Unfortunately I can't ride due to an injury, but if I could I would definately be doing the "punters" xc race on the Friday at Stromlo.

Even if it isn't the World Cup, it's still a part of the whole shebang. Imagine the atmosphere and the vibe doing a race on the Friday of the World Cup with all the pros around, the carnival feeling, the fan fare, woohooo!

Bruce's picture

wont the WWS race use the same track? if so how could you resist?

goatman's picture

Can't do 2 weekends!

jedijunglesnow's picture

And all the hoop laah!!!!!

Who could resist racing Stromlo on the weekend of the World Cup?

alchemist's picture

Wont be the WC Course, it will be a very different track, probably similar to the Red Loop from last year's 24hr.

sensai_miagi's picture

Hey I am frothing to watch the world cup but i don't have any friends that MTB and i don't really know NobMob well; only been to a couple rides in a couple years. Is there anyone else in the same boat planning to go?

Jee10's picture


Just to inform that i have booked my hotel for 30thAug-1stSept!! Ready to see some pros ride their expensive machines and some girl riders getting air time!!

Who's actually going?

Am taking my bike there is an area which isn't being used for racing that is open to the public.This came from the organiser's of the event. I can't remember if it was the western or southern side which is open for the public.

Also there is no entry fee to see any racing, only parking fee's will be inforced. Hopefully we won't be ripped off?

adski's picture

What an awesome weekend, who wouldn't be psyched!
If you're not, go watch any movie by The Collective Smiling

If anyone wants to join in for a ride, i'll be visiting family and squeezing in the following rides:

Sat AM: Sparrow Hill XC around 9am - who's keen?
Sun AM: Majura XC from 8am -

The 4-cross under lights Sat night should be good to watch eh Smiling

KISS my 26"

HeezaGeeza's picture

Anyone looking for people to join them? Was thinking driving down from Sydney on Saturday morning, ride Majura or Sparrow Hill then check in and head to the 4X finals in the evening. Few beers Saturday night and then the DH in the afternoon on Sunday before heading back.

I know of accomodation in Forest that looks OK and can drive down. Let me know if you're interested or wouldn't mind me tagging along.


Little-Ditty's picture

I am keen to either stay down there on Saturday night after riding in the day (Sparrow would be my choice), or just head down there on the Sunday. Smiling

Is there a choice of accommodation? What would the cost be? Do we have a team leader for this?? Laughing out loud

starship303's picture

I'm also keen for heading down for the World Cup! May have one or two other mates keen but i don't know.
I think getting there after a ride somewhere Saturday morning then heading back SUnday evening is a great idea.
I have only been down there once, that was like a decade ago for the UCI Worlds, so have no idea where to stay or what the deal is... is it going to be hard to find places to sleep soon?
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

captaintumeke's picture

I just checked wotif and there is some accomodation <$80 around. Could likley find something cheaper. I don't have a car though... is anyone interested in doing a car pool?

I'm keen to drive down and back to Sydney just for the day as well.

Little-Ditty's picture

Sorry guys, but I have now decided that I will do a training ride somewhere in Sydney on the Saturday, in preparation for the Doctor the week after. No Sparrow or Majura ride for me. The remainder of you will need to tee up the accommodation amongst yourselves. Sorry for leaving you in the lurch. Sad In case you still watned to know, we have usually found the Carotel Hotel to be a great place to stay for a group.

I will still watch the racing on Sunday, so will be driving down on the day. I am hoping to arrive at about 10:30 when the downhill semi's are on. See you all there!

sensai_miagi's picture

hey so it seems there are a few of us on our own that want to do canberra. but i'm not sure (maybe people's posts are between friends?). captainmueke? so i'll get a ball rolling...i can drive...i would do sat and sun though, not just one day, leaving sydney early sat i guess (no need to go fri night...canberra isn't that far right?) returning late sun arvo/evening...i am happy to ride sat morning (xc/trail for my hardtail) or go without riding...either way...biggest bummer is that my mazda can only fit 2 people w/ bikes...(possibly three, i haven't tried)...(can anyone lend me a bike rack for the weekend that doesn't require tow bar?) would be cool if we got three or more of us strangers so it's not so one on one. i'm very easy with accomodation...just nothing expensive...i reckon taking tents and just finding anywhere at all for the night (caravan park, side of the road, somewhere mysto, whatever)could be alright but if there's rooms for a fair price that would be okay too.

if this sounds alright private message me or post interest for this crew specifically.

Squidly Didly's picture

... but plenty of drinks to be had. I'll be there from Fri til Mon complete with beer and camera in hand.

If you can get Monday off work (or at least the am) come along to the un-officially official after party on Sunday night and actually have a drink with the pros. Details here:!

Could be messy

captaintumeke's picture

OK, I have set up a new tentative ride forum for a car pool and accomodation down there.

See if we can get communicating in this new forum seperate from others comments. Please only comment in this new forum if you are 95% sure you will come and can do both Saturday and Sunday

Jee10's picture

Canberra Hotel

Have no idea what i'm in for, but looks nice!!

I may have a spare seat and slot for bike...will inform next week.

I am also willing to join any group rides! Providing i have my MTBIKE back from the shop! (waiting for snail mail from the UK) If not may have take my slicks off the Avanti Scratch 29 for nobbies!! MMMM i want my dually!!

Jee10's picture

Bike is back and ready for Canberra!!

Are there any group rides happening?If so can I join in? What are the details?

blackbetty's picture

we'll be there. might have a look at majura pines as well on the sat morning.

Matt's picture

Hope to see some familiar faces down there, come say hello at the trials comp on Saturday if I haven't injured myself by then Eye-wink.

BTW I hear Peat and Minnaarrrrgh were riding CBD's XC bikes round Sydney this week, anybody spot them out and about?

Hans's picture

Apparently this is the last chance to see Sam Hill on IH...before he switches camp to SPECIALIZED... Eye-wink

We'll see you'se all at Stromlo on Sat and Sun....near the Triple Treat! I'm bringing my boys...

Is anyone organising a NobMob meeting spot / NobMob flag etc?

Rgds Hans (+ Benji (11), Max (10) and Angelo (7) Smiling

"There are two paths you can go by but in the long run..."

adski's picture

Just confirming the ride times mentioned earlier - for people who will be spending the friday night down there as well, or just like getting up at sparrow's fart!

9am Sat at Sparrow Hill
8.30am Sun at Majura

I'll be on my Avanti singlespeed and you're welcome to join.

0425 252 464

KISS my 26"

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