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Races and events 2017?

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By staffe - Posted on 12 January 2017

We are already in 2017 and I don't have a plan!

I'm looking for some interesting events during the year, something new. Been doing MTB events since 2007 and it feels like I've starting to repeat myself so I'm looking for something new or different to look forward to and to motivate a bit of training.

What is the rest of the MTB community up to event or racing wise? any new trends or formats emerging?

Basically I'm fishing for event ideas outside of the standard 100kers, 24hrs and 4 or 7 hours races at the standard venues to fill the 2017 event calendar with. Any suggestions or ideas will be welcomed.


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... are worth having a look at. Locally there is the Port to Port (Hunter region) in May, which I wouldn't mind having a crack at if life doesn't get in the road. The Redback (formerly the Ingerreke) in Alice Springs in August is awesome. Easter in the Alice would be an alternative way to experience the great trails out there. Cape to Cape is on in WA in October and I'll be there in the middle of a 2 month road trip, so form will be questionable. The Snowy's MTB festival is on later in the year and is a great long weekend on some great trails around Thredbo and Lake Crackenback. And there's always the Pioneer in NZ in February, but if you haven't started training for that it's probably too late for 2017....

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Are you part of a club?
I find our club rounds are much more laid back than a normal event but also super competitive.

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Otway 300? 300km over 2 days sounds pretty fun.

I'm doing some road events......

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to research.

That Otway event is calling but I'm unsure my cojones are big enough for it - that is a super massive challenge. Wrt Road events, did my first ever road event this December in the snowies. Great weekend away and fantastic organisation but I'm not quite convinced about road riding yet.

Thanks for the suggestions, I guess multi day of some sort seems interesting, never done any yet so that'll be a good goal.


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There's always MTBO (orienteering). I don't know anything more about it other than it exists. I think a lot of it would likely be centred around the Southern Highlands (?).

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I did the first 2 days of the Port to Port last year and am going for the full 4 days this year. The challenge of backing up day after day is certainly very different.

You can still choose to ride only a couple of days of it if you wished - Sat and Sun for instance - but the organisers tell me that this will probably be the last year you can jump in for a few days as the numbers are growing such that they will revert to selling 4 day tickets only from next year, just as they have done for the Cape to Cape sister event.

Otherwise I like the look of the Snowies MTB Festival alot.

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Have a bit of a look around: XC, DH, Enduro, Marathon. It's all here:

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The Sydney club (Mountain Devils) that did MTBO closed up a year ago unfortunately.
The Newcastle club is still running, they also use central coast areas, see
There is an annual NSW championships (you can enter as a novice), this year it's at Wingello on Oct 7-8, see

If you like maps and MTB, then MTBO is a great way to explore new riding areas.

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The duo is an interesting format - if you have a same pace buddy. And doing a 100 miler like the AMB would be a challenge! Superflow looks like a great social and accessible enduro format. And who wouldn't want to do a stage race like in the snowys or in the Alice?

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looks good, a whole range of different little events over two days. That looks like a must do event.

Otway clashes with Mont which is on the calendar for the group I'm normally riding with and that thins out the parter options but I'll hunt around. This event seems epic to say the least.


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All suggestions on this thread are good. Depends what blows your hair back. If you just like to challenge yourself, do the events on a SS or try a multi sport race.

Not sure if SS is your thing, but I went to the SS worlds and it was a multi sport event of a different kind. If you embrace the whole festival thing it is the best thing ever.

I am signed up for SS nats in Melrose in May. There is also the worlds again, November in Rotorua.

If you crave competing with a crowd of others this might not appeal, but planning a big trip - bikepacking or a bit more upmarket like staying pubs is a rewarding experience. Make it a race with your mates.

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is about 10 weeks away.

Anyone doing that?

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I've done a few races over the ditch and enjoyed them. Generally cheaper with a smaller entrant list but great fun.
Santa bought me an entry and flights to the Porthills Classic in Christchurch this March which is a 3 day affair. Friday XC race. Saturday is another longer XC race and Sunday is an XC DH (flowtrail) and a hill climb. Sounds like a good mix!
Also going to have a blast on the new MTB park there - can't wait!

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